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Hello Year 6! How are you?
Next week, there will be a new learning menu based on 'Transition', you will have two weeks to complete as many of the activities as you can. 

Thank you to those children who have sent me your work - I absolutely love seeing your work. Please keep sending it laugh

I can't wait to see you all next week, whether it be face to face or on our video call. Please can you all have a try at logging into Microsoft Teams to check that you can access it easily. :) 

Don't forget you can ask me questions about the work using the contact form lower down or e-mail me. If you are using the contact form, please make sure you enter your e-mail correctly or I won't be able to reply to you.
Please can you all check your HWB emails regularly! 


Today, I would like you to try and think of a country for each letter of the alphabet. 
A = Afghanistan 
B = Brazil 

Try completing this on your own, then try it again and use google to find more answers! 


First News 19-25th June

Home Learning Menu - Transition 
29.06.20 - 13.07.20

Other year groups will be sending their work to their next teacher, unfortunately, as you're Year 6, this isn't possible. I would love to see your work laugh

The Lion inside

A read aloud version of The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright and Jim Field.
We will be using this story later in the week. Familiarise your self with it now.

Extra activity:

Extra activity: 1

Check out Ffion’s fabulous Lego creations!

Extra activity: can you guess the story book?

Extra activity: can you guess the story book?  1

Why not try some shadow art? You can find lot's of ideas online!

Why not try some shadow art? You can find lot's of ideas online!  1
Why not try some shadow art? You can find lot's of ideas online!  2
Why not try some shadow art? You can find lot's of ideas online!  3

Abida's healthy eating poster

Abida's healthy eating poster  1
Abida's healthy eating poster  2

Here is some of the work that has been sent to me:

Here are some examples of the fabulous work you've been sending in!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Use the links or the QR codes below to listen to the rest of the Harry Potter story!

Friday 17th April - Code:
Thursday 16th April - code:
Thursday 9th April - code:
Wednesday 8th April - code:
Tuesday 7th April - code:
Monday - 6th April - code:
Friday 3rd April - code:
Thursday 2nd April - code:
Wednesday 1st April - code:
Tuesday 31st March - code:
Monday 30th March -
Friday 27th March - code:
Thursday 26th March - code:
Wednesday 25th March - code:

Harry Potter - QR codes

Harry Potter - QR codes  1 Friday 27th March
Harry Potter - QR codes  2 Monday 30th March
Harry Potter - QR codes  3 Tuesday 31st March
Harry Potter - QR codes  4 Wednesday 1st April
Harry Potter - QR codes  5 Thursday 2nd April
Harry Potter - QR codes  6 Friday 3rd April
Harry Potter - QR codes  7 Monday 6th April
Harry Potter - QR codes  8 Tuesday 7th April
Harry Potter - QR codes  9 Wednesday 8th April
Harry Potter - QR codes  10 Thursday 9th April
Harry Potter - QR codes  11 Thursday 16th April
Harry Potter - QR codes  12 Friday 17th April

If you need to contact Miss Mead, you can use the contact form below or e-mail

Put your Hwb e-mail in the e-mail box.

Croeso i Blwyddyn 6!
Our class teacher is Miss Mead
Our class assistant is: Miss Delloy

This term, Year 6 will be studying Potion and Harry Potter!
This topic has a science focus and teaches children about the changing of properties.



This term, Year 6 will be learning about the following areas: 

Addition & Subtraction, simple formulae, number sequences, negative numbers, ratio & Proportion
Explanation and narrative text
Solids, Liquids & Gases

Missions & Bubbles
This week Y6 have launched Missions & Bubbles! 
Every two weeks, the children will complete 4 different independent tasks during the afternoon lessons. The children will choose what the tasks are in each area. 

The 4 Missions:  
Literacy: To create a fact file about Harry Potter  
Numeracy: To create a timetable for Hogwarts   
Creative: To design top trump cards about the characters in Harry Potter  
Investigation: To research potential milkshake flavours to sell for the Enterprise Project  


This week, we have been learning to:

-  re-organise a discussion text
- Use generalisers and logical connectives  
- identify the properties of 2D shapes

- Orientate 2D shapes 
- distinguish between fact, opinion and belief 
- conduct market research for our Enterprise Project and present it using J2data

-Edit words in a Welsh conversation 



Homework! Homework! Homework!
Year 6 have been given a choice of 9 different items to complete for homework. 
They must complete at least 3 of these items by The Easter Holidays. 
The homework can be completed in any order and given in at any time during this
half term. 


Create a poster explaining the sugar content of sugary drinks.

Make your own potion

Fact file about a wizard/JK Rowling

Research famous medicines

Create your own spell

Create a model

Research different scientists

Draw a scene from HP

Create a wizarding game





Potions / Harry Potter

Potions / Harry Potter 1
Potions / Harry Potter 2
Potions / Harry Potter 3
Potions / Harry Potter 4
Potions / Harry Potter 5
Monday Reading books due in / homework returned
Wednesday Guitars with Mr Godwin
P.E (gymnastics) Children will need to bring suitable indoor clothing e.g. leggings/shorts and a t-shirt.
Friday Reading books to go home / Homework to be given out
Pupil voice: 

"We would like to write a poem about a spell" 

"I want to learn how to make a potion" 

"I want to make bath bombs and sell them" 

"We want to read the Harry Potter book"