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I will keep Monday's Padlet about your favourite games available below the tasks that you can continue to add to and hopefully get ideas for new games you can play at home. If you haven't managed to add your game yet, now is your chance. Here are today's tasks. I'll continue to add three tasks a day. I have now sent all of you an e-mail to fins out how you are all doing. Please check your emails through Microsoft Office on Hwb I'd love to hear back from you all.

Today's Daily Tasks (01/04/2020)

There are three Easter tasks for you today, a maths task, a literacy task and a Welsh task.

Feel free to e-mail me your completed work so I can have a look and give you feedback.

You can take a picture or type up your work on Word and share it with me.



See if you can find all of the words on this Easter themed word search.


Aim: to record all possible outcomes.

The Easter Bunny’s Baskets

The Easter bunny has lots of red, blue and green Easter eggs. He can only fit 3 eggs in each of his baskets. How many different egg baskets can he make? He can use more than one egg of the same colour.

Now for some fraction questions...

Picture 1


You are set the challenge to collect the Easter eggs in the puzzle below. You must write a set of instructions for the Easter bunny to make it's way around the area collecting the Easter eggs and avoiding the lava lumps. You must write a set of instructions and then test them out. You may need to do this several times before completing it successfully.

Instructions could be things like - Move forward 3 spaces, turn clockwise 90 degrees for example. See if you can do this in the fewest moves possible. You may want to make your own version of this game at home using objects around the house.

You can choose at which point on the board to start.

Picture 1

Should you have any queries, you can e-mail Mr Jones at or use the contact form below.

Use your Hwb e-mail so I can reply to you.

Croeso i Blwyddyn 5. Welcome to Year 5.


Class teacher: Mr Jones/Miss Steel

Classroom assistant: Miss Barnes/Mrs Green

This term, Year 5 will be studying the topic 'Potions' and 'Harry Potter'

This topic has a Science focus and teaches children about how different materials are formed and react to each other. There will also be lots of opportunities to discuss the Harry Potter books and characters.


This week, we have been...


- Exploring the features of discussion texts.

- Considering the difference between fact, opinion and beliefs.

- drawing 2D shapes, creating 3D shapes and measuring and drawing angles.

- Practicing attack v defence strategies in ball games.

We are learning in a new way in Year 5, with the launch of missions and bubbles. In the afternoons, Children are being set independent tasks and are challenged to be ambitious learners, readying them for their future. These tasks are called missions. When the children are working with an adult, the tasks are called bubbles.

This term, Year 5 will be learning about the following areas: 


Maths: Shapes and congruency, measurements, proportion, prime numbers
Literacy: Discussion text - Is it better to live in the future or the past.
Science: Solids, liquids and gases and potions.
Welsh: Book review

PE: Attack against defence in ball games

Weekly Timetable:

Monday -


Tuesday -  PE - Gymnastics

Kit required - leggings/shorts and a t-shirt


Wednesday - Guitars with Mr Godwin

     Pentrahafod transition project (alternative weeks, starting 25.9.19)

Thursday -


Friday -