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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


The class teacher is Mr Jones and the assistant is Miss Burns

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Good morning Blwyddyn 5!

Dydd Gwener heddiw. Sut wyt ti'n teimlo heddiw? Which colour jar would you choose today?


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Friday 22nd January 2021


Some brilliant use of senses yesterday, bendigedig!


Task 1 - Literacy


Today you are going to be sentence doctors. The following sentences are not well. They are not as interesting as they could be. Fix them to make them all better.


Hint: Think of exciting adjectives you can add. Can you add further detail? Would changing some of the words to more exciting ones be a good idea? Are there capital letters in the right place? Is the punctuation correct?


  1. The brick fell to the floor.
  2. The door opened with a noise.
  3. the man stood there
  4. the clouds moved across the sky.
  5. As he stepped on the street he fell.
  6. The door opened and the light shone through. The buildings were disappearing.
  7. The building had a crack on it.
  8. She looked into the hole below.
  9. She could see light.
  10. He heard a noise coming from inside the house.


Be imaginative. Turn the sentences into something that grabs the reader.


Here is an example for 1.

The weathered, crumbling brick fell to the floor with a thud. Dust kicked up into the air as he could hear the rest of the wall begin to disintegrate.


You may want to get different words to use by using a thesaurus (or even if you haven’t got a thesaurus in your house).

Task 2 -Maths


You were really good at measuring temperatures from thermometers yesterday. Today we are going to look at temperature changes.

You can use this game to practise first if you like


a) What is 3 more than 6oC?


b) What is 5 less than 7oC?


c) What is the difference between 8OC and 2oC?


d) What is 3 less than 1oC?


e) What is 9 more than -3oC?


f) What is 5 less than -2OC?


g) What is the difference between 3OC and -4OC?


h) What is the difference between -2oC and -8oC?


Task 3 - Geography


Use this link to watch the video about climate.

We are looking at temperature in our maths, but climate is more than just temperature.


Once you have watched the video and read the information with it, have a go at answering these questions. Use full sentences.


1. Name as many different types of weather you can.


2. Describe what Britain's climate has been like in the past.


3. What is the effect Carbon Dioxide gas has on climate?


4. What is climate?


5. What 4 things determine a place's climate?


Some of your fantastic sentences

Your maths art

Planets Distance measuring

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