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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Mrs Nicklin is our Headteacher


Miss Roberts is our Deputy Headteacher and Year 3 teacher

Also in Year 3 is Miss Barnes



Mrs Meredith is our Nursery Teacher

Also in Nursery are Miss Lewis 



Mrs Lewis is our Reception Teacher

Also in Reception are Miss Collins and Mr Karim   


Mrs Rees is our Year 5 Teacher

 In Year 1  is Mr Williams



Miss Ashford is our Year 1 Teacher

Also in Year 2 is Miss Mauchline



Mr Rowe is our Year 6 Teacher

Also in Year 46is Miss Delloy



Mr Jones is our Year 2 Teacher


Also in Year 4is  Miss Burns 



Miss Mead is our Year 4 Teacher





Mrs Churchill is our ALNCO

Miss Steel is  our Support Teacher







Miss O'Callaghan is our Secretary

Mrs Green is our Pastoral Support Officer

Mr Rees is our Caretaker


Mrs Gill is our cook,

Mrs Thomas also works in the kitchen

Mrs Spiller, Mrs Isaacs and Mrs Evans are our Lunchtime Supervisors




Mr Godwin teaches Guitars