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If you haven't filled out the consent form for online learning, please click on the link below to give permission for your child to take part with our online lessons ASAP.

Croeso i Blwydden 4

    Welcome to Year 4


Mr Rowe is the class teacher.

Miss Burns is the class assistant.


Home Learning: Friday 3rd of July


Good morning everybody. Don't forget that virtual learning begins this week so please check your emails for your days and times. Please log onto Microsoft Teams well before the start of the session.


Please have a look at your new Home Learning Menu, there are lots of exciting tasks for you to complete and send to your year 5 teacher!


If you need help then please contact me using the contact form at the bottom of the page or through my email which is


The list of useful websites is at the bottom of this page to help you continue with your learning. Also, remember to continue with your daily do's and use TTRockstars and J2Blast to imrpove your time-tables and spelling.


Daily Task - Fun learning games


Click on the links below and experiment with the range of games that are offered. These games will help you with your learning and will provide you with good entertainment. Have fun! 


If you are unable to click on the links, then copy and paste them into your search bar.


You can also use the websites in the useful websites section below. 


Home Learning Menu 29.6.20


This Home Learning Menu will give you the opportunity to speak to your year 5 teacher. Think about each task and send each finished piece of work to Mr Jones on 


Show him how fantastic you have been in year 4 and that you are looking forward to year 5!



5 things about yourself
Email your next teacher 5 things about yourself that you would like them to know. 

Goals & Wishes
Present your goals and wishes about yourself for the next year.

Your ideal teacher

Make a mind map of what you

would like your ideal teacher 

to be like

Design what you would like your classroom to look like next year

Virtual talent show
Record yourself performing your talent and send it to your teacher using the KS2 flipgrid.

2 truths and lie
Tell your next teacher 3 statements about yourself. Two of them must be true and one must be a lie. See if your next teacher can guess which statement is a lie.


The Curiosity Jar
Email your next teacher some questions you would like to find out about them.

Take a selfie of yourself and put it into a frame.


Teacher awards
Think of teachers in school that you would give these awards to.

The teacher who has helped me the most is..
The teacher who has made me laugh is..
The teacher who has inspired me is..

Extra Task: Riddle

Can you work out the answer to the following riddle? 

'It’s as light as a feather, but the strongest person can’t hold it for more than five minutes. What is it?'

Email me your answer!



Daily Task Wednesday 1st of July

Year 4 work

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Isabelle's obstacle course

Have a look at Isabelle's wonderful presentation

Year 4 work

Year 4 work 1
Year 4 work 2
Year 4 work 3
Year 4 work 4
Year 4 work 5
Year 4 work 6
Year 4 work 7
Year 4 work 8
Year 4 work 9
Year 4 work 10
Year 4 work 11
Year 4 work 12
Year 4 work 13
Year 4 work 14
Year 4 work 15
Year 4 work 16
Year 4 work 17
Year 4 work 18
Year 4 work 19
Year 4 work 20
Year 4 work 21

If you need to contact Mr Rowe, you can use the contact form below or e-mail

Put your Hwb e-mail in the e-mail box.

Our topic this term is Castles and Dragons.

We will be learning about:

  • Different parts of a castle. 
  • The lives of different people in a castle. 
  • The rich and the poor.
  • Finding out about local castles.
  • Creating models of castles. 
  • Weapons and defences.
  • Reading 'How to train a dragon'
  • Visiting a castle.




  • Books returned to school 
  • £1.50 for fruit for the week        
  • Guitars
  • PE kit
  • Books sent home       
  • Homework sent home (fortnightly)



This week in year 4 we have been:


  • Learning to orally present a discussion text. 
  • Learning about the feelings of a character during different points of a story.
  • Learning to extend our sentences by adding extra information. 
  • Creating a success criteria for our discussion text.
  • Using a range of sentence starters. 
  • Finding fractions of amounts.
  • Learning to estimate and measure items using cm and mm. 
  • Editing a third person profile in Welsh.
  • Solving word problems.
  • Learning about Bible stories
  • Learning to play the guitar.