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Welcome to the PTA section of our website.


All parents are invited to join our PTA. We are a small group who work to fundraise for the school and we all benefit from the funds we raise.

Last year the money raised from school discos was spent by the children on playground equipment that they wanted. The money raised from the Christmas raffle and fayre subsidised both the infant and junior summer trips.


Every week we sell Bonus ball numbers for the Saturday draw. The numbers are £1 each. The winning number wins £25 which you can collect from the school office. If we manage to sell all 49 numbers on our grid the school makes £24 a week. If the bonus ball is between 50-59 this is rolled over to the following week for a £50 prize. 

Please help to raise money by buying a number, on sale at Infant gate on a Thursday and Junior gate on a Friday.


PTA Valentine’s Day activities – Friday 14th February 

This year due to staff training we are unable to hold an after school event. Instead the children will be able to bring in money to buy a ticket which allows them to take part in different activities during the school day. 

Nursery – Pay £1 and receive a cup drink, packet of crisps and decorate a heart biscuit. 

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 - £2 for a ticket which will give you a cup drink, packet of crisps, a glitter tattoo or transfer, and 2 activities (games or crafts). 

Year 3 and Year 4 - £2 for a ticket which will give you a cup drink, packet of crisps and 4 activities (games or crafts) 

Year 5 and 6 are on a visit this day.