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This week I will be emailing you all individually to your Hwb account. Those of you who didn't collect your work books or those of you who don't have your log in details you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page to contact me and I will send the details to you. Parents could you read the email to your children and they can respond showing me work or just to chat. Missing you all and hope you're all safe and well! 


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Today's Activity 3/4/20:


Hello Year 1! Sut wyt ti?

I hope you all had fun decorating your Easter eggs. I received some lovely pictures of decorated eggs. You can still send me your egg if you haven't done so yet. I hope you enjoyed you egg rolling yesterday! 


I have 3 more activities for you to do today. 



At school we would be singing some Easter songs, so here are some songs for you to sing along with.



See if you can do the actions too!



2.  Look at the picture below:

She blinked her sleepy eyes as she took in her first sights of the world around her. With an almighty effort she pushed back her legs, breaking away another tiny fragment of her shell.

Soon, she would be free. Soon, she would have to tackle her next enormous challenge. It wasn’t going to be easy. Her epic journey was only just beginning…


The first moments of a turtle's life are critically important for its survival chances. Why do you think this is the case?

Why is it that  turtles lay their eggs on the beach?

Can you think of any other animals that live in the water and on the land?


Challenge- Soon, the turtle will enter the ocean. Can you draw or describe the moment when the turtle first reaches the water?



3. Let's do some EGGsercise! laugh

Let's do the Joe Wicks workout live at 9am. Listen out to see if Waun Wen get a shout out! It's even fancy dress day. Who's going to wear their favourite fancy dress outfit? 






Enjoy your activities.

Miss Jones =)


Virtual Bookshelf Home Use

All pupils can now use the Virtual Bookshelf on their home computers. This is the school login for home use: User name: sa12bz Password: writing

KS1/section 1/old resources library/Text library/Topics a-z/

Some stories you can read and talk about together.

Practice some reading about The Fierce Pirate: 



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Welcome to Year 1

Croeso I Blwyddyn 1




Miss Jones is your teacher.

Miss George helps us in class too.


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Here is a timetable of our weekly routines:








Milk and Fruit money £1 please. 

Park day - appropriate clothing for weather please. 

‘Look for a book’ book returned.






Family reading session at 2:15. 






P.E – shorts and t shirt

Reading books to be sent home- please take time to share the book with your child.



Class page on the school website will be up-dated with information on the learning of the week.








This week we have been ...

  • learning to recognise the properties of 3d shapes
  • Make and extend colour, shape and number patterns  
  • learning to use empathy to think about how characters are feeling
  • learning new vocabulary to describe the emotions happy and worried
  • Learning what to do when we are worried to get rid of the worries  
  • learning to write the story of 'Kassim and the Greedy Pirate.'
  • finding out what a discussion text (balanced argument) is
  • matching for and against arguments
  • using percussion instruments to create different sounds
  • learning how to create a crescendo with instruments
  • Using balances and travelling movements to build up a short sequence  
Picture 1

This term our topic for learning is Land Ahoy. We are hoping to visit a local Lifeboat Centre and find out about the work of the RNLI. In this topic we will be focusing on learning about different types of boats and the sea through fiction and non-fiction books. We will explore maps both real and imaginary and learn the parts of ships. We will be exploring and finding out about life at sea as a pirate. 



This term in literacy we will be continuing to learn our letter sounds. We will be learning to spell high frequency words, topic words and learning spelling strategies. We will have daily handwriting practice to reinforce spelling. We will also be learning how to retell and write a pirate story. We will learn to sing and chant different sea shanties. We will use role play, puppets, boats and other small world items to stimulate imagination. 

In Mathematical development we will be learning to compare, contrast order and sequence according to size, colour and shape. We will continue to build on addition and subtraction and learning number facts.  

In welsh, we will be learning about 'Barti Ddu' and describe someones clothing.