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Here is a video to show you how to use Microsoft Teams for our live online learning sessions. It will also show you how to download the app onto your laptop.

If you haven't filled out the consent form for online learning sessions, please click on the link below to give permission for your child to take part with our online lessons ASAP.


Daily Activity 3/7/20


If you would like to email me your work or haven't yet got your login for hwb to read your email from me, you can contact me at  I'd love you hear from you! 

Good morning! Sut wyt ti? It was so lovely to see see some of you in school yesterday. I hope you had a lovely day. I am also looking forward to seeing you all online today!


Here is some of your fantastic work:









Task 1

Talk about these questions with an adult:

How are the two sides of the picture different?

Why do you think they are different?

Is there anything like this happening in our world?

What do you think it would feel like to be in either place?

How might the two cities be different?

What will the people in both cities be like?

Are there any similarities between the two sides?

Would it be possible for the grey side to become like the colourful side again?

What might the different animals be thinking?


Can you make a poster showing how we can look after our planet?




Task 2

Here is a menu of activities you can work your way through over the next 2 weeks: 



Other activities to keep you occupied: 


P.E with Joe Wicks-



Maths games-



Practise reading sounds: 

s  a  t  p  i  n  o  g  h  l  e  u  n  d  c  m  k  f  b  j r  t  v  w  x  z  sh  th  qu  ch  ng  nk 

ay  ee  igh  ow  oo  oo  ar  or  ir  oy  air  ou  ea  oi  a-e  i-e  o-e  u-e  aw  are  ur  er

ow  ai  oa

  • Practise handwriting with letters starting on the baseline
  • Practise 5 of your spelling words in different ways 






Enjoy your activities.

Miss Jones =)


Reading scheme access at home

If you would like to continue to read the scheme books at home this is a great way to access the correct level of books for your child.  Check the level on the back of your current book and start working at that level. If you think they can move up a level give it a go and see how you get on. If they struggle too much continue at the current level, (search The Five Finger Rule to help you assess if the level is correct for your child).


Virtual Bookshelf Home Use

All pupils can now use the Virtual Bookshelf on their home computers. This is the school login for home use: User name: sa12bz Password: writing

KS1/section 1/old resources library/Text library/Topics a-z/fairy tales

Some stories you can read and talk about together.


If you are looking for support to find educational websites that offer free resources please use this website


Practice some reading about The Fierce Pirate: 



If you have any queries, please contact Miss Jones using the contact form below.

Put your child's Hwb email in the email box. This is where your reply will be sent.

Welcome to Year 1

Croeso I Blwyddyn 1




Miss Jones is your teacher.

Miss George helps us in class too.


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Here is a timetable of our weekly routines:








Milk and Fruit money £1 please. 

Park day - appropriate clothing for weather please. 

‘Look for a book’ book returned.






Family reading session at 2:15. 






P.E – shorts and t shirt

Reading books to be sent home- please take time to share the book with your child.



Class page on the school website will be up-dated with information on the learning of the week.








This week we have been ...

  • learning to recognise the properties of 3d shapes
  • Make and extend colour, shape and number patterns  
  • learning to use empathy to think about how characters are feeling
  • learning new vocabulary to describe the emotions happy and worried
  • Learning what to do when we are worried to get rid of the worries  
  • learning to write the story of 'Kassim and the Greedy Pirate.'
  • finding out what a discussion text (balanced argument) is
  • matching for and against arguments
  • using percussion instruments to create different sounds
  • learning how to create a crescendo with instruments
  • Using balances and travelling movements to build up a short sequence  
Picture 1

This term our topic for learning is Land Ahoy. We are hoping to visit a local Lifeboat Centre and find out about the work of the RNLI. In this topic we will be focusing on learning about different types of boats and the sea through fiction and non-fiction books. We will explore maps both real and imaginary and learn the parts of ships. We will be exploring and finding out about life at sea as a pirate. 



This term in literacy we will be continuing to learn our letter sounds. We will be learning to spell high frequency words, topic words and learning spelling strategies. We will have daily handwriting practice to reinforce spelling. We will also be learning how to retell and write a pirate story. We will learn to sing and chant different sea shanties. We will use role play, puppets, boats and other small world items to stimulate imagination. 

In Mathematical development we will be learning to compare, contrast order and sequence according to size, colour and shape. We will continue to build on addition and subtraction and learning number facts.  

In welsh, we will be learning about 'Barti Ddu' and describe someones clothing.