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Empathy Lab project

All classes across our school are currently exploring new stories from the Empathy booklist. The aims of the project are to develop reading for pleasure, develop empathy skills and to demonstrate social action.

This year at Waun Wen we are aiming to explore the stories and characters - thinking about how they are feeling. We will be developing our emotional vocabulary and exploring our feelings using the story "The Colour Monster". We want to encourage our children to read for pleasure and enjoy books. We will be considering how we can help others.

During our Family Reading sessions we will be using the empathy booktalk questions so that our parents can use these questions when they are reading at home.


Our Autumn term 

Mrs Nicklin launched the project with a whole school assembly

Nursery enjoyed exploring the story "Odd dog out" and celebrated being different. They planned pupil voice tasks from the story.

Reception enjoyed the story "Elmer" and talked about being different. They enjoyed creating a giant Elmer for their empathy work display.

Year 1 read the story "Something Else" and considered what makes a good friend. They created posters about good friendship.

Year 2 read the story "Cyril and Pat" and explored their friendships. They created posters about what good friendship is to them.

Year 3 read a story "The Naughtiest Reindeer" and explored the theme of inclusion.

Year 4 read the story "The day the war came" and created mind maps about the characters feelings throughout the story.

Year 5 read the story "Ruby's Worry" and talked about sharing a worry and having a trusted friend to talk to.

Year 6 read the story "The White Fox" and talked about how Sol feels at different points of the story.



At Christmas each class collected items to make a hamper for the local food bank. The school council launched the project and gave each class reverse advent calendars of items they needed to collect. The response was amazing and we were thrilled to have so much food to share with others. The staff also collected items to support the food bank.

Spring term


World Book Day

On World Book Day our staff dressed as characters who had shown empathy in stories. The pupils questioned staff throughout the day on why they had picked the character and how they had shown empathy.

During assembly we launched our Empathy Awards plans. We recapped on our work so far and pupils from each class were able to share stories they had worked on and characters they could nominate. 

We had peer reading with friends from other classes and enjoyed talking about books together. 

Year 3 visited St Mark's Court to read with the residents. The residents enjoyed talking about stories they read when they were young.

Our final session of the day was family storytime in all classes, parents joined their children, siblings got together to enjoy a story. We were delighted with the response from parents and it was great end to the day.

Finally, staff joined a twitter conversation with EmpathyLab UK to share the day's events.