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Croeso i Derbyn. Welcome to Reception.

Mrs Lewis is your teacher.

 Miss Mauchline and Mr Brown help you too.




Little helpers learning life skills

Friday February 12th, 2021


Hello everyone! Happy Friday! Today is our last day before half term. Well done to you all for working so hard this half term.



Happy New Year to Yu Yue and Elvin who are celebrating Chinese New Year. I hope you all enjoyed finding out about it yesterday.


Today’s Tasks

Task 1

Can you remember which animal is for this year – 2021?

That’s right, it is the ox.

Let’s be creative today – can you make an ox? Here are some ideas to help you.





I can’t wait to see your creations!


Task 2 – Chopstick challenge

At school, we have fun using chopsticks to move jelly beans from one bowl to another. This is usually very competitive and lots of fun!

At home, if you have chopsticks fantastic, if not, you can use a clothes peg for this task.



Have a practise first, you can see if you can move pom poms, cotton wool balls, pasta pieces from one bowl into another. Then set yourself a timer and see how many you can move in 1 minute? Get your family to join in with this challenge and see who wins!


Task 3 – Life skills challenge

I hope you have enjoyed this challenge this week. Choose a new challenge for today.

Maybe you could continue to help at home over half term!



I am looking forward to seeing you after half term on Wednesday February 24th. We will be ringing you with details after half term.


Have a great half term. Stay safe and well,

Mrs Lewis




                        Reading Challenge              


We really miss hearing you read and want to see and hear everyone reading at home. It could be your school reading book or the favourite book you have at home.

From Monday we would love you to send us a video of you reading. You can send the video to your class teacher’s email or by class dojo through portfolios. There is an assignment set on your child’s account. When you send a video, we will give you a reading raffle ticket and at the end of half term we will be holding a raffle draw with a winner from each class.

For younger children it could be a family sharing a story or an older sibling reading to them.



If you would like to change your school reading book, please let your class teacher know via class dojo.

Previous learning 

If you have any queries, please contact Mrs Lewis using the contact form below.

Put your child's Hwb e-mail in the e-mail box. This is where your reply will be sent.


 Weekly timetable


Monday - £1 Milk and Fruit money please

                 Outdoor learning at the park - appropriate clothes and coats please


Tuesday - Library books to be changed


Friday - Class website page updated