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Good morning everyone! Happy Friday!!

I hope you had fun rolling your eggs yesterday. Molly beat me – hers rolled all the way to the end of our patio!


Today’s tasks

Let’s get P.E with Joe at 9am or if you have missed it you can still get the session later. Remember it's fancy dress Friday!

Are you dressed up? What costume have you got on?

I have requested a shout out for Waun Wen Primary School so listen carefully as you take part. Don’t forget to send me pictures of your fancy dress costumes!


Let’s get talking – Look closely at the picture. The title is Magical Eggs.



Use these sentence starters to talk about the picture.

I can see…..

I think……

I wonder……

Next – Draw me a picture or write about what you think will hatch from the magical eggs. Use your imaginations - I can't wait to see what you think. 


Finally, let’s have a sing a long. We would be singing Easter songs if we were at school, so here’s a few to have fun with.


I thought you might like to begin with Peter Rabbit.


Next, let’s sing 5 speckled frogs.


To finish, let’s sing a favourite of ours at school. Ask your brothers and sisters to sing with you and show you the actions.


Have a lovely Friday and a good weekend.

Mrs Lewis






Reading and stories at home.

We love reading in Reception. Please read with your child every day. There are also stories to watch and listen to on  and search for CBeebies -Jackanory Junior - Clips 


Reading scheme access at home

If you would like to continue to read the scheme books at home this is a great way to access the correct level of books for your child.  Check the level on the back of your current book and start working at that level. If you think they can move up a level give it a go and see how you get on. If they struggle too much continue at the current level, (search The Five Finger Rule to help you assess if the level is correct for your child).


Virtual Bookshelf Home Use

All pupils can now use the Virtual Bookshelf on their home computers. This is the school login for home use: User name: sa12bz Password: writing

KS1/section 1/old resources library/Text library/Topics a-z/fairy tales

Some stories you can read and talk about together.

If you have any queries, please contact Mrs Lewis using the contact form below.

Put your child's Hwb e-mail in the e-mail box. This is where your reply will be sent.

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Explore number pairs that make 10. Use 10 socks, clothes pegs, buttons etc. Record your number sentences 3 + 7 = 10 in your workbook.


Use you Ispy eyes to look closely at a picture using the sentence patterns I can see...., I wonder...., I think.... Draw your own picture and ask mum or dad to talk about your picture using the sentence starters.


Croeso i Derbyn. Welcome to Reception.

Mrs Lewis is your teacher.

 Miss Mauchline and Mr Brown help you too.