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Year 2





 Welcome to Year 2 

Croeso I Blwydden 2



Miss Ashford is your teacher.

Mr Williams will be helping out in class too. 


Bore da Year 2! 

Sut wyt ti?

How did you get on with the activities yesterday? I hope you had fun rolling your eggs. 


Today I have some Easter activities I would like you to complete. 



Here are some Easter Bunny problems I would like you to try and solve. Remember you can draw pictures or use real objects to count out and help you solve the problems. 



1. The Easter Bunny has 27 eggs in his basket. 13 fell out on the way to the 'Great Egg Hunt'. How many does the Easter Bunny have now? 


2. The Easter Bunny has 43 eggs in his basket. It then puts 24 more in his basket. How many does the Easter Bunny have now? 


3. The Easter Bunny starts off with 50 eggs in his basket. At the first house it drops off 20 eggs, and at the second home it drops off 13. How many eggs are in his basket now? 


4. The Easter Bunny buys an Easter egg for 45p and an Easter card for 10p. It pays with a £1 coin, What change does it get? 




Egg- shaped 


Question time- Look closely at the picture and discuss these questions with your family. 


Who are the girls in the picture?

Where are they?

What woke the girls from their sleep?

Why did they drag the chairs across the room ‘carefully’?

What can they see when they look out of the window?

What do you think might be happening?

Do they see anything else peculiar as they look out?


Story starter!

The girls huddled together and peered cautiously out of their bedroom window. They had been awoken, just moments earlier, by a strange light that burst through their curtains, filling the room with a silvery, white hue.

As one, they had tip-toed towards the source of the distraction, carefully dragging chairs across the room with them so that they could take a peek together.

They stared in awe and wonder, and the sight that met their eyes. Something magical was happening…


Activity- I would like you to continue the story and write what you think happens next. You all have fantastic imaginations so I can't wait to read your stories! 


Easter Fun 

If we were at school we would be learning to recite this lovely Easter poem 'Patience'. We would also be having fun singing some Easter songs. Here they are for you to enjoy at home. Ask your family members to help you make up some actions and join in with the fun! 



Spring Chicken - Try and remember the actions! 


Can you remember any other Easter songs we like to sing at Waun Wen? 


Happy Friday- Have fun! 

Miss Ashford



Reading and stories at home.

We love reading in Year 2. Please read with your child every day. There are also stories to watch and listen to on  and search for CBeebies -Jackanory Junior - Clips 


Virtual Bookshelf Home Use

All pupils can now use the Virtual Bookshelf on their home computers. This is the school login for home use: User name: sa12bz Password: writing

KS1/section 1/old resources library/Text library/Topics a-z

Some stories you can read and talk about together.




If you have any queries, please contact Miss Ashford using the contact form below.

Add your child's Hwb e-mail in the e-mail box which is where your reply will be sent.

Here is a timetable of our weekly routines: 



Reading books returned to school.


Milk and Fruit money payable weekly-£1


Forest School - please ensure all children are dressed suitably. Warm clothes, gloves and hats in the cold weather, wellies etc.



PE- children will need a change of clothes in a bag.




Reading books will be sent home. Please take time to listen to your child read and return it to school on a Monday.

Library books will also be sent home on a Friday. Please take time to share the book with your child. 

Class page on the school website will be updated with information on the learning of the week.



Picture 1

This term our topic for learning is Land Ahoy. We are hoping to visit a local lifeboat centre  to find out about the work of RNLI and to learn about water and coastal safety. We will be learning to write and re-tell simple narrative stories. You will be exploring the properties of different materials and will have lots of fun investigating floating and sinking. You will also be learning about simple mechanisms and about forces. 





This term in literacy we will be continuing to learn our letter sounds. We will be learning to spell high frequency words, topic words and learning spelling strategies. We will have daily handwriting practice to reinforce spelling. We will also be learning how to write a persuasive text on keeping healthy. 

In Mathematical development we will be learning to count up to and beyond 100 in different sequences. We will be focusing on shape and measures. We will also be learning 

to use different combinations of money to pay for items. 

In welsh, we will be talking and writing about ourselves.

This week we have been .....



  • Using standard units to weigh a range of objects in the classroom 
  • Learning to recognise and describe sounds, and listen and respond to music

  • Learning to link basic body shapes and different ways of travelling to create a short sequence on the large apparatus

  • Writing up the story of Pirate Tom 

  • Exploring the story 'Ruby's Worry' by generating questions for Ruby and asking the questions to Ruby during hot seating

  • Developing empathy vocabulary through thinking and talking about how Ruby feels at different points in the story