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Mrs Meredith is your class teacher. Miss Lewis and Mrs Mary are here to help too.


Our World



This term our topic for learning is "Our World". We will be exploring the world around us as mini beast hunters! We will be naming, sorting and classifying the mini beasts and looking at the habitats where they live. We will be going on a trip to Wetlands to find out more about mini beasts.

Our science investigations will be about the life cycle of a butterfly. We will be observing caterpillars turning into beautiful butterflies in our butterfly garden.

Our focus story will be The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We will be reading and creating our own explanation texts, learning songs and rhymes about insects and we are hoping that we will be able to perform our rhymes for you towards the end of the term. We will design and create a mask or headdress for our chosen insect. We will be watching a short animation- Caterpillar's Shoes and innovating our own animations. In welsh, we will focus on the mini beast vocabulary.

In mathematics, we will be adding one more and one less. We will be exploring time and revisiting pattern.

We will have great fun preparing for Sports Day and learning lots of different skills. We will also be learning about healthy eating and sun safety.

We are also looking forward to working with our parents this term for Language through Play sessions.


Our Learning Week Beginning 09/05/22:

  • Making homes for mini beasts in the park.
  • Observing our caterpillars and asking what and why questions about them.
  • Learning the days of the week.
  • Finding out what we can do in 10 seconds.
  • Learning the words "before", "after" and "now".
  • Making our Pupil Voice caterpillar necklace.
  • Creating pictures of mini beasts for our display.



Weekly timetable


Monday - £1 Milk and Fruit money please.

Brynmelyn Park Visit: please ensure all children are dressed suitably. Warm clothes, gloves and hats in the cold weather, wellies etc.  


Wednesday- Library books are changed


Thursday - P.E. please wear clothes that are suitable, for example joggers, t-shirt and trainers


Friday - Class website page updated

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