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Year 6

Croeso i Blwyddyn 6!
Our class teacher is Miss Mead
Our class assistants are: Mr Brown and Mrs Green 

This term, Year 6 will be studying a topic about Swansea in the past.
This topic has a history focus and teaches children about the important events and people that occurred during the Victorian Period. During this project children will write a discussion text, learn how to use maps, discover historic events and people. 

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This term, Year 6 will be learning about the following areas: 

Place value, money, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and problem solving. 
Discussion text about Victorian life
The solar system
Third person profiles 

This week, we have been learning to:

-  convert between decimals, percentages and fractions
- Solve mathematical problems using tree diagrams

- plan and write a discussion text 

-Explain the phases of the moon

- Write a diary of a Victorian working child


Half term homework
Due: Monday 4th March 2019

Task: For the next two weeks, I would like you to create a presentation about any topic that you like! This could be: your favourite celebrity; your favourite football team; your dog; your family; your favourite game etc..
The presentation can be presented in any format e.g. Power Point, Sway, a poster. The presentation must last at least 3 minutes and you will present this to the rest of the class.
Here are some sentence starters that you should include:
I will begin by..

Following that…

In my opinion..

Have you ever….?






Monday Reading books due in / homework returned
Wednesday P.E - This term the children in Year 6 will be learning to dance. They need to bring suitable indoor clothing e.g. leggings/shorts and a t-shirt. 
Guitars with Mr Godwin
Friday Reading books to go home / Homework to be given out

Useful websites: 


Maths TTrockstars




Pupil voice: