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Dear Parent/Carer, 

The LA has sent this link for us to share with you. It has a video, with useful information about anxiety in children and how you can help them. Although some of it is aimed at older children, it is well worth a look and we think could be helpful to lots of you. There are also resources on the website which are also helpful, and we have put this link and other resources on our website, in the Key Information, Wellbeing section. 

Managing Anxiety in CYP Presentation for Parents Jan 2021.m4v

Thank you


Home Learning

Friday the 12th of February

Bore da Meithrin, good morning Nursery. Today is Friday! It is also the last day before half term, so it is our last day for online learning. You have all worked so hard this term, I am extremely proud of you.

Task 1

Let’s continue to find out about Chinese New Year. Before we continue with our tasks lets watch the videos below and learn about how the Chinese celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Task 2

In the videos I saw lots of Chinese lanterns and Chinese dragons. Today I would like you to create either a Chinese lantern or a Chinese dragon. Here are some ideas for you.


Task 3

All this week we want you to have a go of the Life Skill Challenge. Choose one each day to have a go and learn a life skill.

Have fun today and I will see you all tomorrow.

Take care and be safe,

Mrs Meredith

Here is a link to Swansea's Virtual Library,

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Instructions on How to Use Teams

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Below is a video that will take you step by step how to access Microsoft Teams ready for online learning.




Weekly timetable


Monday - £1 Milk and Fruit money please

                 Outdoor learning at the park - appropriate clothes and coats please


Tuesday - Library books to be changed


Friday - Class website page updated


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