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Nursery p.m.

Dear Parent/Carer, 

The LA has sent us these resources to support families and children who are experiencing anxiety . There are additional resources on the website which are also helpful, and we have put this link and other resources on our website, in the Key Information, Wellbeing section.

Home Learning

Week beginning the 8th of February

Good morning, I hope you are all well and enjoyed the tasks last week. We are going to read the story Elmer today. Remember to try one task a day.

Task 1

Create your own Elmer. Make it as colourful as you want, just like Elmer.

Task 2

Elmer is covered in lots of colours. Let’s practise singing “I Can Sing a Rainbow” to learn our colours. Here is a link to help you sing it.

Task 3

Can you move like an elephant? What other animals can you move like? Have a look below and see if you can move.

Task 4

Elmer is covered in squares, what other shapes can you think of? Can you go on a shape hunt? See what shapes you can find in your house.



Task 5

All this week we want you to have a go of the Life Skill Challenge. Choose one each day to have a go and learn a life skill.


Have fun with these tasks and I will see you Friday ready to share some nursery rhymes.

Take care and be safe,

Mrs Meredith




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