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Good morning boys and girls ! Happy Wednesday!angel

You have all worked so hard over the last few weeks. I and so proud of you.


When you have completed your activities from this page you can either send your photos to me by email, my email is ChurchillA6@ or Mum or Dad can upload a photo to your class Dojo as I will be able to see it on there and then I can give Dojo points for good work!


Year 1 

Practise counting in 2s by joining in with the song.



Which numbers are missing?




Play the shopping game

Find some toys or items around the house and label them all with different prices : - 4p, 6p, 8p, 10p, 12p, 14p, 16p, 18p, 20p. Turn your items into a little shop.

Use 2p coins only to pay for the items. 

You'll need an adult to play with you. 

First pretend to be the shopkeeper, letting the shopper know the price and take the money from them. Then you be the shopper and buy the items. 



Year 2 

What time is it?


Look at each clock and look across at the times. Choose the right time in each row.


           8:00                1:00                   6:00


half past 5          half past 10         half past 3

            11 :00              9:00                  7:00



   half past 4        half past 9        half past 8





























































Here are some fun ways to help you read and spell your words each week:




You can spell the words in           You can spell with magnetic    You can write letters on 

play doh.                                        letters.                              pegs to make words.



You can write the words in            You can write words on pieces of paper and read them

shaving foam.                            as you walk up the stairs.



You can write your words using strawberry    You can write your words with sand,

laces, wool or string.                                         flour, porridge or rice.


You can draw around your hand       You can make a hopscotch game with your

and write a word on it then stick       words.

it to the wall and high five.



You can write letters on the        You can write the words onto flat dough with

ground with chalk and jump          a stick.

to the letters to spell a word.







Remember to keep using Reading Eggs. It's a really fun way to keep practising your phonics.


Have fun !

Mrs Churchill :-)